9/11 Truth Documentary

[Must Watch] 9/11 Full The Painful Deception Truth & lies behind 9/11 – Documentary u dont wana miss

Disclaimer: I dont own this video nor i created, just sharing with you all. All credit goes to the person that researched and put it together, its personal opinion you may have yours and rest theirs, thus dont impose or be pushy or rude, i do appreciate everyone’s enthusiasm here but keeping things clean help everyone thank you everyone.
This is a brilliant work of those who search for truth just leeching here to share with those who care for other human beings regardless of their faith race and country!

Terrorism isn’t welcomed in our society and in our lives.

23 thoughts on “9/11 Truth Documentary

  1. the towers were made to survive a plane crash watch the whole video atleast before u give ur opinion…how u going to give an opinion without listening to both sides of an arugement….that’s moronic, even in school we learn to listen to both sides of an arugement….

  2. I feel sorry for you love.
    I do know the history of the Rothschilds. But, too even believe for a second, that the Rothschilds and a few other powerful families ‘Run the World. Is just FUCKEN Crazey. They dont, or there agend would have already happened. Or are they going to take another 100 years to take control. Every Conspiracy contradicts the next one. How can you believe something that has no constant consisting ‘storyline’? You’ve been had!

  3. your rite mate, they were designed to withstand the impact of a B707 (Boeing) which is a little larger than a B737-800. 1/3 the size of a Boeing 767 that smacked in to the WTC towers. 2/3 the size of a B757 that smacked into the Pentegon. Not too mention that the designed impact from a B707 was for one at slow speed (140kts) and having little fuel onboard. I.e. an arriving B707 in N.Y. trying to land in bad weather conditions. The WTC was never designed to take an impact, that brought them down.

  4. Jazzaconda, it’s patiently obvious from reading your messages that you, purely down to the effort and time you have taken, all for something you don’t believe, yet offer nothing other than the official & media stance, yet rubbishing official, verifiable and scientifically sound, leads me to believe you are a paid shill. Although you already know that!

  5. Ditto, your last sentence: I’m British and my ‘normal’ moral mind still tries to persuade me that a Government, ANY normal moral, Christian and democratic Government – and specifically the US Government – could conceive, carry out and attempt to cover up such a disgustingly sick atrocity. Other than that, I’m speechless.

  6. The evidence that it was an Israeli job is enormous. they did it. and their media covered it up. we need to wake up to some vague “illuminati”, no, wake up to the Zionist takeover that is well underway.

  7. but you are not a sociopath or psychopath or religious nut. the Mossad has proven itself to be a terrorist organization, completely amoral. its well documented.

  8. the US government is not Christian or democratic, how much TV do you watch??? if you yourself read the bible you would know that mass apostasy was prophesied, not a giant Christian government making the world safe for years on end before the return of Christ. those in power are corrupted and/or evil en mass, get with reality.

  9. Will anyone ever come forward and spill the beans on the criminals in our government that facilitated this murderous attack? Sure doesn’t look like it. How can there be so many traitors within?

  10. Scheiß auf diese Dreck Zionisten-Kabbalisten-Kapitali­­­­­­­sten-Satanisten!
    Illuminati - Freimaurer - Bilderberg - Rotshilds – Rockefeller - Warburgs – Windsors!!!
    Greetings from Germany “SIEG HEIL” ┌∩┐(◣_◢)┌∩┐

  11. I started out seeking 9/11 truth back in 2006 or 2007. Since then I’ve questioned everything I’ve ever been told, except for one thing… until now.

    I now consider myself to be an “Adolf Hitler Truther.”

  12. IF THAT’S TRUE,in fact its truth that really exposed the black monkeys who had tried to crush the humanity (1000 of innocent people died 9/11),religion(of course Islam…..in fact Always Islam).they killed many people on the same day,to prove that Islam is the religion of terrorism,now the face is clear everybody knows whats the truth,still you people think we Muslims are terrorists.you killed by your own poeple to blame that we killed you..then you killed us without any reason???? whats that??

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