9/11 Truth Debate

9-11 Truth Debate w/ Webster Tarpley

from the Spy Museum CSPAN2

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  1. thanks for the comment man, I see what your saying about the brits and I agree they are a huge part of the problem, but over the years I’ve come to suspect the church may still trump the royal bloodlines.


    Since Larry Silverstein said pull it, demolished WTC 7 and collected billions in insurance, why would the insurance company pay the claim if there’s evidence of fraud?

    If WTC 1 & 2 were destroyed by demolition & not fire, how do you explain video of the exterior columns buckling under heat and stress loads 18 minutes after impact?

    How can Marvin Bush be in charge of WTC security when he stopped working for Securecom in June of 2000?

  3. 9/11: A Conspiracy Theory
    Why The Military Knows Israel Did 9/11
    War By Deception (9/11, Iraq, PNAC , All Roads Lead To Israel) {Full Film}
    9/11 – Missing Links ( full movie )
    911 and the cover up (1/6) by Ryan Dawson

  4. 1) No idea. Why did no MSM ask Larry what he meant by pull it. Why did they just pay him out? There are many unanswered questions
    2) There are no videos that show any buckling of heat and steel does not melt fire. The buildings came down in 10 seconds. 110 stories. Everything pulverized into dust-like materials
    3) Nobody has done any investigation on Securacom. Provide relevant links that he stopped working up to June 00. Ppl need to investigate the renovations that took place. Power downs

  5. 1) Pull it isn’t even a demo term moron. He meant “pull” the remaining firefighters from the area. Fire Chief Nigro is very clear on this matter. I suggest you read his testimony.

    2) Wrong again dumb ass shill. NYPD helicopter video footage shows the building with serious structural damage.

    3)  Securecom was NEVER in charge of WTC security. The owner of the WTC, the Port Authority, was ALWAYS in charge of WTC security.

    911 TRUTH DEBUNKED (yet again)!

    1. Why didn’t UA 175 crash/impact/collide AGAINST the outer wall of WTC2?
    2. Why didn’t a SINGLE piece of UA 175 break off and fall into the street directly below the point of the supposed “impact”?
    3. How could UA 175 maintain both its speed and original shape as it passed through the outer wall of WTC2?
    The STD’s (shills,trolls, disinfo) like the whoring ctcole refuse to address these questions.

  7. I guess “it” meant the firefighters, right?
    – Show the video footage of the towers. There were so many angles. You see black smoke indicating oxygen starved smoke. A firefighter went to the floor of impact and said he could take the fire out with two lines. Minutes later, the buildings imploded. 10 floors a SECOND. 110 stories.

    3) Find me information on Securacom. Why haven’t they been investigated?

    Explain Operation Northwoods and why they wanted to kill their own ppl for war

  8. I disagree with Kay on 54:00 when he says a truther denies the commission report and the NIST report. Experts challenge the information point-by-point on there. And the media has not touched on the red flags of 9/11. So he immediately killed his own argument. It’s not that “conspiracy theorists” believe it gets bigger, it’s the fact that the official explanations do not give answers and obviously hide and deceive.

  9. 1:00:00. Kay has no idea what the term “conspiracy theory” means.. A person asked isn’t the idea of Osama and 19 hijackers a conspiracy theory.. he says they are different. Why? because one is told by a government agency? This guy doesn’t know what he’s talking about

  10. Operation Northwoods NEVER happened moron.

    And if you read actually read the memo it explicitly states no Americans were to be harmed.



  11. NO shit it didn’t happen. How about the business plot. There are “conspiracies” that happen to do things to deceive the public. Gulf of Tonkin incident “never happened” as well, but LBJ told the world it did in order to get them into war. And 58000 americans died and millions of viets did

  12. But the Vietnamese admitted firing on the USS Maddox gullible troll.

    And there were already THOUSANDS of troops in Vietnam BEFORE the Gulf on Tonkin Incident?

    Wasn’t LBJ a Democrat?

    You fail loser.

    911 TRUTH = 911 LIES

  13. That Jonathan Kay guy was drinking too much water and blinking too much for a guy who is supposed to be telling the truth. The moderator is neo-con zionist fucker who was taking sides rather than being neutral. TARPLEY IS THE MAN!

  14. if you’ll all notice jon k’s argument was carefully assembled, but when dissected by the questions asked by the audience, reduced itself to pinpointing stereotypical and speculated psychological traits of conspiracy theorists, and was emotionally contrived to dismiss the possibility of massive government conspiracies, and did not answer for any anomalies that occurred that day. therefore, his argument was nothing more than emotionally appealing cleverly constructed propaganda.

  15. ah the old BBC/WTC7 issue. I dont know how this happened. But neither have i heard a truther explain this either. But i could make a guesstimate at what hey would say; that the media had information WTC7 would be demo’d; the producer, floor manager, researchers, news readers all know that whats going on is a carefully planned “attack” which will be used to justify an illegal invasion of oil rich countries. Yet to this day not one of them has said anything….

  16. Yeah using big words doesn’t make your crackpot theory anymore true and claiming that anyone who disagrees with or debunks your argument is working for government is one of the most pathetic debating ploys I’ve ever seen. You people are fucking crazy, it’s good thing none of you are ever going to get any further than youtube with your preposterous theories.

  17. 9-11 deniers are morons with zero critical thinking skills, a belief in pseudo-physics and I’ve yet to encounter one that has actually read the NIST report or the 9-11 Commission Report. They soap box about Newtonian physics while simultaneously failing to understand gravity, acceleration, force, progressive collapse, conservation of momentum. Dummies, the whole lot of them.

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