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VENOM Movie Update – AMC Movie News

Rumors have circled of a potential VENOM stand alone film but where does it stand?

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25 thoughts on “Movie News

  1. hell no venom sucked in spider man 3 . first thing venom has always been huge but i know that agent venom is a normal size at times and huge at others but the second thing is the guy that played Eddie Brock had really no attachment to the role how i see it venom has his own comic BUT no game or movie only apprentice in games and movies he needs more attention so some director get up off your ass and realize how much he rocks and what he could do for your career 

  2. no no no i loved spiderman 3 it was amazing. and what they could do is they could do it like the cartoon. wheer black spiderman rings the bell the symbo falls on eddy and he dosent panic and just

  3. Venom as not had is justice yet. In the comic he would fight with Spider man against others villains when the other villains tryed to kill spiderman so no his justice has not been done

  4. Brock Lensar should be Venom. Besides I like Carnage Better and besides I think Norman Osborn/The Green Goblin is Spider-Man’s arch-nemesis (suck it Doc Ock LOL), He’s Spider-Man’s Lex Luthor.

  5. I think they should expand on the truth in journalism short and actually use that actor, who also does a great job of portraying Eddie Brock, and format it to a big screen script

  6. Don’t forget to have Venom in that movie too. You can’t have a Carnage movie without Venom. They should also have the Punisher and some of the others in that story arch in the movie so it can be a all-star cast of heroes and enemies.

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