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Film Reviewer Schulz , Episode 1: The Haunted Mansion part 1/2

Yes,I know that the “official announcment” said this was going to be called the annoyed movie critic. That’s what it says in the credits and that’s what I call myself in this first episode. However, I feel that my show needed a more original name to it, so from now on, this show is going to be called “Film reviewer Schulz”. Here is my first episode, where I review The Haunted Mansion.

Yes, I was already aware that Film Brain reviewed this, but I made sure not to repeat any jokes. To see his review, click here:

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24 thoughts on “Film Reviewer

  1. I like the movie for a few things: The Victorian opening, the beautiful painting of Elizabeth, Nathaniel Parker (and him in the bloopers of this movie: You are my life, my world, my cheeseburger!) and the singing heads.

  2. If the Ghost Host heard you ask why the hundreds of ghosts are here, he’d say, “there are prominent ghosts who have retired here from creepy old crypts all over the world.”

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