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Prometheus EXPLAINED – Movie Review (SPOILERS)

Chris Stuckmann examines Prometheus from beginning to end, offering his thoughts on what the film means and the many questions it asks.

This is a great article that delves into the religious themes of the movie, a really fascinating read:

24 thoughts on “Film Review

  1. Masterpiece my ass. It is not enough to throw money and a bunch of half-assed ideas to make good science fiction. Ridley took the money. But he made no ALIEN 2. Science fiction is about social and philosophical ideas. Otherwise watch Star Wars.

  2. OK, but you can’t just scatter your DNA in some water and expect it to survive like that. Or that billions of years later, there will be organisms that share that exact DNA. This movie ignores some very basic biology, which is a big deal when you consider the premise of the film relates biology.
    They should have let some bio majors review the script, or something.

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  5. The black goo is queen jelly. Its highly mutagenic and the end result is ALWAYS an alien like creature. So of course they would have to kill us they learnt this the hard way in their reasearch lab.

  6. Ok i agree with what you have said, but in Alien it makes you want answers to those questions but it also make you forget about them and focus on what you watch after those parts that, and it brings so much fear in you that you will actual forget about those questions that is delivers, and not making you mad wanting the answers. On Prometheus it doesn’t do that and it makes you mad, and I don’t hate the movie I hate that it’s makes you mad.Overall it’s a great movie with interesting things.

  7. This movie f’ing sucked! Not because it was “over my head”, not because “I don’t get it”, not because I “want to be spoon fed a mindless action flick”, but because IT IS A TERRIBLE F’ING MOVIE! The fact that the unparalleled genius of the Alien franchise has been brought down to this level of detestable swill is a travesty beyond measure. Ridley Scott should be ashamed of the way he has trampled on his own former genius. What were you thinking Ridley? Where did your mojo go…?

  8. Oh and, by the way, I am 39 years old, so my dislike of this movie has nothing to do with me being part of “this generation”. Also, I love Blade Runner, but this movie ain’t no Blade Runner. A dead fish does not smell better with age, and Prometheus already stinks to high heaven! I really just can’t understand how anyone who loved the 1st two alien movies can compare them to this piece of crap disaster of a movie! There is NO comparison! Alien and Aliens were platinum to this movie’s dog dooky.

  9. First ever face hugger? First ever Xenomorph? No, wrong on both counts.

    Prometheus takes place only 30 years before Alien.

    The crashed ship on LV-426 was hundreds, if not thousands, of years old. Obviously Xenomorphs and facehuggers existed well before the events of Prometheus.

    Not to mention, in Prometheus, you can see murals of Xenomorphs on the walls of the Engineer base.

  10. The story is interesting enough but the pacing and most characters in the film are pretty boring you really need to be a big fan of the alien franchise to enjoy this movie.

  11. I Would Honestly Give Prometheus B+.
    It Had Amazing Story.
    Well Pumped Up Scenes.
    Added More Questions Which Is Bad Unless There Gonna make A 2nd One Then It Was A Smart Idea.

  12. I loved this movie makes you wonder just didnt like the alien at the end of the movie to much similar the the alien movies I liked that thought of were not the only ones out there and that aliens dont exactly have to look like predator or Star wars that maybe their are more humans out their more Advanced or not that Advanced

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