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The Last Airbender – Nostalgia Critic

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When the Evil F*ck Up Lord Shyamalan seeks to destroy the Avatar franchise forever, only the legendary Avid Jerk can stop him. But Nostalgia Critic’s training isn’t yet complete and the Shyamalan is closing in. Who will win?

22 thoughts on “Critics Review

  1. yeah, but had they casted it at least a little more accurately, I probably would’ve hated the movie less. The inaccurate casting just made the experience even worse imo. Shows that they didn’t try at all.

  2. Shyamalan: “Wait, are you Last Airbender Aang? or Leyend of Korra Aang?”

    Aang: “I don’t care” *Shyamalan explodes*

    Sokka: “Wait, I tought Aang wasn’t allowed to kill!”

    Aang: “Whatever”

    Best ending ever!!! xD

  3. i have an idea actually who would’ve made this into a great adaptation myazaki 🙂 with out a doubt it would of been amazing then still probably not as good as the show but at least decent

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