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Jon’s “Phantom Menace” Review —
The Star Wars “Machete Order”:
Jon’s thoughts on Ep. VII & beyond —

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Tonight’s Star Wars Films:
• IV: A New Hope — Game-changing marvel. Truly magical, 10/10.
• V: The Empire Strikes Back — Superb sequel. History’s finest fantasy, 10/10.
• II: Attack Of The Clones — Rapturous excitement, outweighs childish issues, 8/10.
• III: Revenge Of The Sith — Jam-packed with classic adventure, 10/10.
• VI: Return Of The Jedi — Unrelenting spectacle with loveable characters, 10/10.

Enjoyment — How enjoyable is the film?
Story ———- Is it interesting, are the characters well-written?
Technical —- Editing, directing, and sound.
Acting ——– Convincing, or just a script-reader?
Visuals ——- Cinematography and special effects.
Impact ——– Does it make you laugh / cry / feel?
Pacing ——- Tempo appropriate within run-time?
Validity ——- Believable elements given the environment?
Mood ——— Music, costumes, art-design.
Re-Watch — Worth watching twice?

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24 thoughts on “Movie Reviews

  1. number 6 the Phantom Menace number 5 attack of the Clones number four revenge of the Seth number 3 a new hope number 2 The Empire Strikes Back Number one Return of the Jedi and I won’t even bother rating the Disney one because quite frankly I don’t want to stab my brains out

  2. Finally, someone who shares my opinion on the saga as a whole. I’ve always liked Episodes 2 and 3 (never liked 1 very much) 4 and 5 are of course great with my favorite being Return of the Jedi, which sadly doesnt get anywhere near the respect it deserves.

  3. Why? Everyone isnt Redlettermedia (aka people who hate change). Just because he likes them doesnt make his reviews bad. Keep in mind all films are open to subjection, YOU might not like the prequels but that doesnt mean they are, it just means they werent for you.

  4. I however, like episode 2 and love episode 3, does that mean they are automatically good movies….no. It just means I enjoyed them. People really need to stop taking their own opinions as facts and learn to respect other peoples opinions.

  5. I find the last decades three Star Wars action figures at the swapmeet selling for $1 each…epic fall from grace.
    No one one gives a shit about the shitty movies anymore … a vague distasteful reminder how Lucas ruined the fan-boys cult worship of his first two original movies

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